Saturday, 10 September 2011

A glitch in time

This past week has seen R2M collaborate with Edinburgh based Visual Artist, Beverly Hood ( on her project about glitches that is. After studying numerous youtube videos of computer characters stuck in digital purgatory, i was given the task of generating a sequenced based on this source material. Some suitably awkward movements were made and recorded by film maker Daniel Warren ( The overall idea being that this would be turned into a dance game much like those currently available on modern computer consoles. This process went a stage further when the sequence was captured by the Xbox Kinect sensor...a rather handy motion sensor capturing device that can be picked up for about £100. The motion captured was then represented by yet another computer character. As we all know computers aren't perfect, so this created more glitches within the sequence which was then reproduced physically...basically a lot of processing within the process. The final results of this work will be on tour in 2012 as part of the Human Race exhibition.

Hard at work in InSpace, Edinburgh

The infamous Cybraphon...housed at InSpace

Digital self...ish

R2M has currently relocated briefly to the epicentre of the UK's beach resort culture...Blackpool. What am i doing here? doing my best to act like a nonchalant kitty kat in what is a massive Alice in Wonderland site specific promenade performance by Hope Street Theatre. This takes place in Blackpool's diamond in the rough, the Winter Gardens. A building in the midst of an identity crisis it is nonetheless very impressive in size and swagger. Pictures to follow. Time is short and rehearsals are crammed...and i have my own little den to work in...

Once we finished up i thought i would take a wander around the town. I always adhere to the idea that the best way to get to know somewhere is to stroll...or strut if you have a leather jacket, tight jeans and a bottom like Mr Travolta used to have circa 1983. It's saturday night and families and hen/stag dos are out in force to indulge in the delights of Pleasure Beach, discount bingo houses and fish & chip shops a plenty. I'm sure i've been here before as a kid but i didn't remember any of this...