Friday, 17 June 2011

EC does it...

I thought i would do away with the rather rudimentary "news" section and get back up to speed with the blogging scenario. Updating this website is very much a process of trial and error. Although i am learning reasonably fast i still haven't worked out why the site looks completely different on a pc than it does on my mac? Well apart from internet tweaking here's what has been going down in the world of R2M.
Following a stressful, but successful showing of Watch iT! at East London Dance alongside Sebastien & Honji (check them out at and london's Birdgang, R2M embarked on a month long residency at the studios of denmark's Cantabile 2. The result was the beginnings of a new solo/duet project entitled SQUISH. More details to follow. Once the Danish Krones had run out it was time to head to the much cheaper climate of the artists anonymous city of Berlin. A week was spent in the company of Venezuelan maestro David Zambrano at the Schwelle7 Studios. Many thanks to Tian, Cora, Sina, Ana, The Greek and the rest of the multi-national crew who are all now very adept at quick changes between countless dance styles. 
R2M remains in Europe until mid-may for training, investigating, making connections and seeing as much work as possible including the Tanz Offensive festival in Leipzig...i'm sooooo europe!!