Wednesday, 12 October 2011

West coast pop 'n' lock

Well it's been a wee while since the last post and many interesting things have happened since's a few of them. First up, R2M's new work debuted as part of the Arches Live festival 2011. Still in work in progress, SQUISH, was well received (and rather well delivered i must say) by it's virgin audience. The work was developed during my stint at the Catabile 2 Artist Pit-Stop residency period during Mar/Apr this year. It's a little anecdote on our constant quest for success and fulfilment and what we lose during this journey. Check out it's two 4 star reviews at The Scotsman and The Herald.

SQUISH set up and various paraphernalia...

The greener grass...or so they say

Next up is IETM. What is IETM i hear you say?...well it's an international coming together of the top brass from arts and cultural organisations from around Europe and other parts of the world, with a view to discussing current issues affecting the manifestation, propagation and continuation of culture in the world...and solving such issues...if they need solving. It's not really a marketplace to punt your work as an artist. In fact, it's only recently that they have allowed performing artists to attend. But, basically the same people who can make or break your career or at the very least give you a gig are all under one roof for several days. Needless to say i got shot of my promo packs with ruthless efficiency. Whether it will do any good remains to be seen, but it was very interesting to hear the stories of such organisations and get an insight as to how they are operating in these ever increasing uncertain times. IETM takes place bi-annually in various European hotspots. This time it was cracking Krakow...

Some snaps of Krakow's central square...some medieval chic going on.

One of the numerous performances taking place during the event.
Unfortunately the strip lights were about the coolest thing in this piece...shhh

Dancing Russians. These dudes also moonlight as cardboard city joke!
Check them out at Cardboardia

I have no idea who this geezer is...?

IETM shows some support for those occupying Wall St.
you can see that same geezer in here somewhere...

And lastly R2M has relocated to the West side of Escocia for further development and rehearsals with Curious Seed and their new touring project "PUSH". It's nice to have someone else in charge for a change. I might even get a few pics up here if they let me...fingers xed!