Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Hard Evidence

Yikes! even though i wasn't performing in any shows at this year's Edinburgh Fringe Festival i still found myself terribly busy between organising/hosting some dance events, the inevitable socialising and incessant  watching of a myriad of shows and a mates wedding....which was a performance in itself. Nothing really blew my mind this year but i saw some rather good circus theatre and puppetry. The latter i'm not a regular viewer of so it was great to see something different, done really well. The fringe also brought Tomaz over so we managed to wrap up the project wiht regards to the video (coming soon) and some photos. Please take a look for yourself at:

room2manoeuvre - flickr photostream

Hopefully i will find a way back out to China for future the meantime i'll try to continue practising my basic mandarin. So what esle has been going on..and what were these dance event si hear you say? Well each year Moving in Circles (an event company formed by mate and newly wed, Peter Maniam) and Random Aspekts BBoy crew (that's us) put on what are definitely 2 of Scotland's largest hip hop dance events - Castle Rocks BBoy Championships and Set It Off! Street Dance Championships. Each year gets bigger and better and you can check some footage from Castle Rocks...and also my outfit at Strife TV, a youtube page dedicated to BBoy videos. Also here's footage from the winners of Set It Off! edinburgh all girl outfit - JackintheBox...

And coming a close 2nd another all girl Edinburgh outfit - Rockabeat

And here's a few pics from that wedding....any chance to wear my suit and i'm there!