Monday, 11 October 2010

en train de.....

yo yo yo!

aye i know it's been a wee while since i've been on the updating vibe so but things have been busy. The tour is now in full swing and we are on the fact, we're on the sea and the road. I'm now writing this from small cafe (probably a converted barn) in Lerwick, Shetland. It's quite intriguing to be here after growing up in the orkney isles as i never once visited these neighboring islands further north. Hopefully i'll get a bit of time to explore in between spreading the gospel of dance to the youth of Lerwick and figuring out how the show will work in the "economical" space of the Garrison loves a challenge. So how did we (the 3 T's - trusty technicians Mr Coyle and Sweeten also go by the same moniker as myself...although for Mr Coyle it fits in the middle) get here?....I'll tell you.

Picture this - check out some snaps taken by Maria Falconer@MacRobert Theatre HERE

Tues 5th Oct - shoot over to BBC Scotland for a quick radio interview on the Culture Cafe show to promote the forthcoming show for the Dance Live festival in Aberdeen (dancelive). I took some pics on my phone which i'll have to upload later but you might still be able to listen in to my words of wisdom at about 35mins in....The Culture Cafe (05/10/2010)

Wed 6th Oct - First show goes up in the Arches. The space, as well as the tech facilities, is significantly reduced compared to the MacRobert (it was quite a luxury to to production and open up in that space). However, the show begin well...but unfortunately a misplaced portable TV sees me dig deep and pull out my best improvisational/mime skills for the best part of 7 mins. An experience i hope never to repeat...but as they say s*** happens! onwards and upwards.....

Thurs 7th Oct - I muster the energy to do class with company chameleon (company chameleon) who are in residence at Dance Base and get some useful feedback on both pieces. Apparently i covered the occurrence of a missing portable TV very well as no one was none the wiser. Then it's time for a stretch and a sauna before heading through to glasgow for round 2. The show runs smoothly with everything in it's place and ended up being probably one of the best runs so far. Some cousins had made the effort to come down and support so after a coke and a brief catch up in the Arches bar it was adios glasgow...hola Aberdeen.
Grahame admires his handy work!

The tunnel of love...

Changing room essentials

Fri 8th - En route to Aberdeen, we receive the first review of the tour...and yes in this case you can believe what you read in the papers....herald review

Sat 9th - begin to get to grips with our show at the Lemon Tree. I think i have discovered a routine to get me in the right condition for evening performances...all i need is some berocca, pasta, a massage ball and a sauna (where possible)...i also crank up the heating in the changing to the max, no doubt adding to my carbon footprint. The lemon tree offers a pretty good space for the show and i have to make sure i use it. The show goes down well. The audience laugh in the right places and i hit my turns for once. There's an opening party for the Dance Live festival taking place afterwards...but i need food. Whenever i've performed in Aberdeen i always mean to go to this japanese restaurant called Yatai for a post show meal. Trouble is i've always been too late. So i hit up it's neighbour, a turkish spot called Nargile. I'm quite impressed at how i'm able to polish off several helpings of pitta bread, humous, spicy sausage, chicken kebab, rice and salad...mother would be proud.

The first installment of the Room 2 Manoeuvre headed stationary

People always said my character lacked depth...

in situ, in aberdeen

Sun 10th - before we shoot off to sunny Shetland, I've been asked to drop some knowledge for the local young that's exactly what i do at the City Moves studios. We proceed to make a short performance about their weekend activities. It goes down well and i didn't even have to break a sweat for a change.

Aberdeens youth get the Tony Thrills treatment

It's time to cast off and set sail for Shetland. i should be used to boat rides. i've had to do them all my life. but somehow i've never quite developed sturdy sea legs. Regardless, the 14hr journey is pretty smooth and comfortable and i had a good number of movies on the old mac book to keep me busy...even though most were in French somehow??

It actually says "Wench Only"?

Cabin fever

nous sommes bien arrivee...

Today's tune is as follows...just stick with it for the chorus folks.

Tuesday, 5 October 2010

media frenzy!

It seems that marketing manager Tricia Munoz has been going above and beyond the call of duty and organised a number of PR stunts to spread the good word of's just a couple pieces of labouring fruit...

MacRobert/Stirling Observer wordpress

BBC Radio Scotland - culture cafe 5th Oct (starts at 35mins in)

Arches interview

Tony Mills - Watch iT!/Such a Bloke trailer from The Arches on Vimeo.

...and since we have had TV and Radio mediums included in the same blog post, today's tune is as follows...

round 1!'s been a wee while since the last update...the reason being that the show went up last Sat 2nd Oct and it's been good but also mad stress up til then. We had 3 days teching the show at the Macrobert, which i think is something of a luxury considering where R2M is at as a company so i'm most grateful for the time to get things right. It was most definitely needed. I remember plotting lights and cues for Watch iT! back in the 2009 fringe and desperately trying to fit it all into 4hrs. Having a day and a half didn't seem to make too much of a difference as the show has grown in an equal manner as the stakes have gone up. But everything got done and only because I'm surrounded by a good team taking care of tech, management and mentoring. The animation by Peter Doris (nexus digital media) was the final piece of the puzzle. This was quickly re-mastered by Lewis at cagoule productions then couriered over by tour manager Vicky about degrees of separation.

surely this lot ought to be working...?

deep in conversation...

setting up shop at MacRobert

The show seemed to go down well with the MacRobert audience and now it's game on for the Arches on the 6th and 7th. Still a few tweaks to be made with the HOB suit and the final animation but things are looking in good shape for the rest of the we have Peter from Nexus tightening up the's all about the polygons apparently.