Friday, 26 July 2013

Reviewing the situation... a nutshell R2M had a blast in Russia. St Petersburg was awesome and Moscow was mammoth. I have somehow managed to manoeuvre myself into a tasty position with a couple of organisations over there so hopefully i'll be back in the USSR next year...bigger and better. Check out what went down at the Open Look festival here.

R2M is back on terra firma in the U of K and was straight back into the thick of it with performances of Watch iT! for the Almeida Theatre Festival in London. It was superb to be performing once again in London town and to be back with a re-vamped and fully loaded show. Our 3 performances went quite smoothly and had some rather tasty reviews to tie it all of:

Now we are back in the burgh and soon it's off to the west side to present a new piece, Sprawl, in collaboration with All or Nothing Aerial Dance Theatre for the Merchant City Festival. Performances take place on King St in Glasgow at 1:30, 3 & 4:30pm...and it's free! Let's hope it doesn't rain.

We won't be spending too much time in the westside as we have to be back to deliver Squish at Dance Base from the 2nd - 17th Aug. Full details here and here. Make sure you come down and support.

time for some shut eye...not!