Tuesday, 5 October 2010

round 1!

So...it's been a wee while since the last update...the reason being that the show went up last Sat 2nd Oct and it's been good but also mad stress up til then. We had 3 days teching the show at the Macrobert, which i think is something of a luxury considering where R2M is at as a company so i'm most grateful for the time to get things right. It was most definitely needed. I remember plotting lights and cues for Watch iT! back in the 2009 fringe and desperately trying to fit it all into 4hrs. Having a day and a half didn't seem to make too much of a difference as the show has grown in an equal manner as the stakes have gone up. But everything got done and only because I'm surrounded by a good team taking care of tech, management and mentoring. The animation by Peter Doris (nexus digital media) was the final piece of the puzzle. This was quickly re-mastered by Lewis at cagoule productions then couriered over by tour manager Vicky Rutherford...talk about degrees of separation.

surely this lot ought to be working...?

deep in conversation...

setting up shop at MacRobert

The show seemed to go down well with the MacRobert audience and now it's game on for the Arches on the 6th and 7th. Still a few tweaks to be made with the HOB suit and the final animation but things are looking in good shape for the rest of the tour....here we have Peter from Nexus tightening up the animation...it's all about the polygons apparently.

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