Thursday, 23 September 2010


well...not much to report right now other than i feel like an empty human vessel drained of all energy due to molecular movement near grinding to a halt. It is definitely crunch time. We have been concentrating on the glue that holds the show together. This is in an effort to ensure that the work is not simply carried by the neat tricks and technology...and colour coordinated furniture. However, a royal presence meant that we had to vacate the studio and relocate to the dungeon-esque tramway 4 space. The whole building had been taken over by a frenetic energy, and the odd passerby in our temporary work space lead to calling it a day a little earlier than usual. I decided to resign myself to looking forward to a quiet non-alcoholic beer and veg pie and chips in bar mono. But alas, the kitchen had closed early and a band was sound checking on stage. It was definitely time to say cheerio glasgow for today. Home late once again and in need of wholesome nourishment and free wifi, I hit spoon cafe...which finally hit the spot

I think the money i saved on taxi rides today, i spent on my dinner...oh well

Today's tune sums it up...

And this was yesterday's tune. I don't quite know how Paul Weller managed to get into my head but all of a sudden all the brit pop memories came back...when i used to believe i could play guitar and wearing flares was cool once more.

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