Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Man vs Machine

I swear, at this rate computers will not be taking over the universe…or at the very least Macbooks won’t be leading the charge. I have been wallowing in a quagmire of video editing, downloading, trimming, matching, copying, pasting, reversing, cross dissolving, saving, losing, getting stuck and ultimately losing my rag! What is it about computers that make them act so illogically sometimes, while being vindictive? Sounds almost human in fact. I found myself returning to a dark place of despair today as I decided to tweak some of the video footage in the show. I had been dreading this moment but knew it was unavoidable. I spent about as much time watching spinning discs as I did actually making changes. All this to a soundtrack of indescribable and undesirable mechanical noise aberrations, emanating from my over-heating laptop. So what should have taken a couple of hours, took the whole day instead. However….it’s done and I have reconciled with my laptop (but will sidetrack to the mac store tomorrow on the way to work…I hope my laptop doesn’t read this…)

Time to hit the bar me thinks...

I always wanted to be on TV

With today's tune i confess my undying love....

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