Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Art attack!

My body clock is definitely playing at silly b-----s! Was awake the whole night but luckily didn't have to do anything until 2pm. Today's mission was to inspect a potential performance space where the results of these 3 weeks will be shown. Tomaz has a friend who runs an art space in the M50 district in Shanghai (m50.com.cn). It is a smaller version of the huge 798 District in Beijing both of which are dedicated to the creation, exhibiting, buying and selling of art in it's various guises. Needles to say it's reasonably cool and there's a cafe making decent coffee next door so double word count score there! The space will require a little bit of tarting up and possibly a floor laid down, but this is one piece of the puzzle now  accounted for.

The proposed performance space at M50 

I decided to have a bit of a wander around the district and see what Shanghai's artists are producing. The highlights had to be the art deco warehouse with some incredibly groovy furniture and this chair of...doom perhaps?

I was most taken with the Omen exhibition by the Lui Dao Art Collective (island6 website). There were some really interesting uses of LED technology combined with some classic styles. Cameras were like forbidden city...but i managed to grab a shot of this....tres chic!

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