Monday, 18 July 2011

Crunch time

Day 1 of week 2. I spent the beginning of the morning warming up on my own and wondering where my dancers were at. They both rocked up about 45mins late with zero explanation.  Once we were all settled i asked them if turning up at the required time was going to be a problem? Apparently it won't be...we shall see. We have had a pretty good group dynamic going so i don't ant to ruin it by flipping my lid. A few deep breathes later and we are back in the swing of it. I had to spend all the morning session going over old material, but made up some time in the afternoon. I think we will be working like trojans this week. But, i have a plan scribbled down on paper somewhere so we should be "fine". Check out some of today's efforts below. The evening was spent writing out what i said in a short interview Tomaz did with me. I can certainly ramble on at times. The documentary will be online here at the end of the project so you can hear my waffling for yourself. I'll stop now.

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