Monday, 11 July 2011

Let's Dance

I have to come up with a name for this show. I haven't a scooby. I'm more concerned with actually making it but marketing and shows generally go hand in hand so...any suggestions? We had the full team in the house today with Tomaz on the camera and Uma, Alex and myself on the floor. I wanted to introduce them gradually to my style and today was all about trying things out and getting a bit of a group dynamic happening. We finished the morning session with a small improv and i have to say it actually felt like it was going ok. I had no idea how we were all going to get along, how enthusiastic everyone would be but it felt good. We got shifted into a smaller studio after lunch by the staff. I'm getting a sneaky suspicion that the caster family feel that what we're doing is not quite projecting the right image for the studio. All the studios have glass windows which allow you to be seen from the reception and it's a super commercial outfit. I think they probably didn't quite know what to expect when we made this booking...too late now guys :)

The afternoon session we spent doing some contact and lifting work. And again i was very impressed with how quickly they got into the groove and their commitment to it also. Tomaz has it all on film so i should now be able to get some up on line in the near future. Uma had to split early for another rehearsal. Good luck i thought cos we had worked pretty hard. Alex and i carried on for a short while before wrapping up. I got some grub on, then headed out for my first Chinese lesson. I figured it would be a good idea to learn how to say some of the ideas i wish to describe to the dancers...and also to be able to order a few dumplings. On saturday i had met a young lady who teaches the lingo and she offered to tutor me at a reasonable price. I got to grips with the 4 intonations of the language. People who know me will agree with me when i say i'm great at accents ;) it wasn't long until my pronunciation had improved quite dramatically. We touched on a bit of grammar and also with some of the statements i wished to use for work. I initially used Google Translate and it's not bad...for one word translations. Using the results for longer sentences could get you in a world of hurt. My advice: use real people.

Julia, a real live translator

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