Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Not enough xiǎoshí's in the day!

Man i'm telling you it's pointless having a plan in this environment cause it rarely happens that you are able to stick to it. What should only take 30 mins takes 4 times as long and then of course everything else is behind where you want it to be. Chance favours the prepared as they say so i should be more on top of the situation. But try as you might sometimes things get out of your control. Much like relationships...but i digress. I am hoping that we will have finished the piece by the end of tomorrow. In theory, it should be possible. There are many aspects that need polishing and parts that need to be drilled. If i can manage to finish i'll have a couple of days for cleaning & tightening it up. I'm not so worried about the dance, but the music is another story. Tomaz has been a busy chap with the organising and promoting of the performance, but also part of the deal was that he would make a bit of a sound design. I got the first taste of this on tuesday because . It's cool but I hope he'll be accommodating if the soundscape is not lending the right feel to what is going on in the space. I had another chinese lesson today. I invited my teacher along to the performance (which is free by the way). With Tomaz's film and the show it's going to be about 36 mins. She was like "30mins! is that all. I don't know if i'll come all that way just for 30 mins" For two weeks work in a foreign language that's not bad love! These Chinese...they're just so demanding...

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