Sunday, 3 July 2011


And so it begins! After a technical fault that caused my flight to be delayed by 3 hours, Room 2 Manoeuvre is finally in the house...the Jade house in fact. Today's inflight entertainment has so much choice that i find it hard to get some shut eye on long haul flights. I'm sure some unavoidable flight anxiety has something to do with that also. You may be able to choose a decent selection of art-house to action movies on board but unfortunately the same cannot be said for the quality of snacks on offer. I'm a big lad...and i need to eat so i don't appreciate a timid array of sweet and savoury cheesy puff pretzel packet type grub on the go. What's happened? I remember flying to Chile once and gorging myself on croissants, cheese and and a tasty meat selection. If you want to ease my anxiety then slip me a few croissants and i'll be putty in your hands. The glory days are definitely behind us in this respect.

Anyway...NI HAO people!! It is a teasingly tropical 35 degrees in Shanghai. When coming from Edinburgh, this is quite a shock. Accommodation is decent and theres a mosquito net on the window which i only hope does it's job...nothing worse than the moment you're about to drift of to slumberland and you hear the high pitched whir of a feverishly blood thirsty insect whizz past your ears. The Air-Con is cranked up to the max. But, not to worry, after contributing nicely to my carbon foot print with a 10hr flight i'll try and keep air-con use to a (reasonable) minimum. In an effort to beat the jet lag i'll aim to stay up a few more hours and kill some time by seeing what lurks around in this neighbourhood. Bottled water and stodgy food are the priorities. 

I had no idea that china's digital firewall extends to blogspot also. But where there's a will there's a way so hopefully you should be receiving/reading these updates. I don't think Room 2 Manoeuvre has many followers in China....yet :)

xie xie!!!

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