Monday, 2 January 2012

Ano Nuevo

Happy new year folks. I hope the year ended as well as it started for one and all. I've always found NYE celebrations to be rather hit n miss...a case of too much pressure being put on it to be an immense night out.  However, this year was not so bad at all actually. I ended up playing strobe master with a torch til the early hours at a friends house party, adding a little ambience to the 90s soundtrack that was belting out. Well now i'm in the mode of gradually puling myself back together and getting a grip on what lies ahead in the first quarter of 2012. Here's what you should know and where you can go to find out more info. All the best.

  • Jan 16 - 20th | R2M Squish residency at Dancebase. Free class 9 - 1030 am all week (Tues 10 - 1130) and free showing on Fri 20th Jan at 1600.
  • Jan 21st | Breakin' Rules at Dundee Rep Theatre. A night of hip hop action on the stage featuring groups from Scotland and England. Tickets & Info here.
  • Jan 22nd | Random Aspekts & Wild Biscuit Music perform MOVE live at the Celtic Connections Festival 2012 at the ABC, Glasgow. Tickets & Info here.
  • Jan 23rd - 27th | R2M in collaboration with visual artist Beverly Hood and dancers Hannah Seignoir and Felicity Beveridge. Visit the Glitch Choreography website for more info.
  • Jan 28/29th | R2M and Company Nux collaborate as In.Da.Work.S to facilitate workshops from international dancers, choreographers and physical performers. This time we present an improvisational workshop from Katie Duck & Alfredo Genovesi including a short performance. Visit our Facebook page for more info.
  • Jan 30th - Mar 24th | Rehearsals and touring with Curious Seed. Tour dates, tickets & info here.
  • Mar 26 - 30th | R2M residency at Dancebase for new work. Free class 9 - 1030 am all week (Thur 10 - 1130) and free showing on Fri 30th Mar at 1700.
  • May 18/19th & 22nd | Breakin' Convention Edinburgh and Inverness. International hip hop dance theatre festival hosted by Jonzi D and yours truly. Tickets & info here
  • June 4 - 9th | R2M teaching professional class and performing Watch iT! at the Centre National de Danse, Paris. Plus infos ici.
There are a few other things in the pipeline and i'll be keeping you informed of course. In the meantime have a little playtime with some online music machines at (i recommend Tone Matrix and Pulsate).

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