Sunday, 5 February 2012


Well i can certainly say that today i flew the flag for Scottish culture...or more truthfully bared my breeks! Snow has fallen in London town and i sit at the airport able to write this due to the 30 min delay my plane seems to have incurred. I'm in London for BDE and if you have been paying attention then you will know what that is. If not, then it's basically a massive trade fair for UK dance companies. I've managed to squeeze in performing an extract of Watch iT! while i have the weekend off from Push rehearsals. It's been a wham bam thank you mam kind of affair with setting up the show on Saturday and then busting out 3 performances pretty much back to back on the Sunday. On top of that, the good folk at Creative Scotland got wind of the fact i'd be here (well they are funding my appearance after all), and asked me to do a little freestyling at their handover event today. Of course a good dancer needs a good soundtrack and to add more meat to the bone beat box impresario Bigg Taj from Glasgow city was flown in to wrap his lips around the affair. A little conversing prior to the event and we managed to knock up a wee routine. The delegates can be a bit of tight lipped bunch at times, but it seemed to go down did my trousers (i'm sure there will be a photo somewhere). I restrained the urge to grab the other free mic and slip into hosting mode to call for a bit more noise. Although with hindsight i think i could have shepherded them into a bit more of a buzz. The extract went well. It suffered a bit in terms of audience numbers for the 2nd show due to another performance taking place at the same time. It would have been great to have done the full piece but i was happy to have a presence at this dance platform. I'll now have to put some time aside to chase up these promoters. I would start now but i think my internet time is about to run out...

setting up shop at Sadler's

 Myself and Bigg Taj before serving up the entertainment

Proof R2M was there...

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