Monday, 7 January 2013

Getting down, down under

Well tis the night 'afore and we're set to rock the house...the opera house that is. Blaze the show kicks off the Australian tour tomorrow. Although we did do a cheeky dress rehearsal for the opera house staff on sunday. A few changes have been made along the way this time. Change is often a good thing and as Blaze has been running for a while now it's good to do a remix every now and then. What's more, i'm actually doing a little creative inputting which is always good for one's sense of self (note i don't say ego). But yes it's all good so far and i'm still tripped out by the fact i've managed to stumble into gigging at the Sydney Opera House. I've not had much time to check out what's going on in the city. Once the show is up and running there'll be a bit of "Room 2 Manoeuvre"...if you know what i mean. The bboys and myself have been kept busy doing a bit of extra promo for the show. We've been getting loose with  local crew, SKB in a couple of spots in the city. Nice guys, nice moves and hopefully we'll get to link up and have a look at the scene in Sydney...

Blaze crew, SKB and some local heros

My time has also been taken up with indulging in 2 of my favourite things....

My pastry penchant is provided for.
I had intended to make a short vid with the gopro for this post but have decided ill do a kinda compilation at the end so it'll just be pics for's inside the office....

Hmmm...if only i could get this many seats filled for Watch iT!
Right, project bedB4_12 is in effect and i might just make it. Big day tomoz. x

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