Wednesday, 1 January 2014

365 days and counting

Well's certainly been a while since I put fingers to keypad. Let's put it down to a host of new year resolutions. I have the feeling that time speeds up as you get is more vivid and visceral...some things get better and others get worse but it all happens too fast. Life is short I keep reminding myself, so why not try and cram it full of good happenings, relationships, love, family, friends, work hard but don't kill yourself, be a nicer person but don't take unnecessary s***, reflect, admit when you're wrong, realise what is valuable and try to look after it, care for yourself, care for others, don't be just an observer, adapt, grow, try to break those ridiculous behaviour patterns that leave you annoyed at yourself, treat yourself, treat others just for the hell of's not all clotted cream and dumplings, but it can be pretty good. So with that in mind R2M ventures out into 2014 armed with goodwill and good skill. There's a lot on the cards and we're looking forward to sharing it with you. All the best with your endeavours for 2014...and if the s*** hits the fan, then just call ironman....

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