Thursday, 9 September 2010

game on! let this blogging business commence. It's been a week and a half since R2M (me) entered the rehearsal space of the Work Room in Glasgow's Tramway building (web). It's pretty cool man let me tell you...access til 8pm, solitude if you want it, Scottish Ballet in one end, Frantic Assembly's Beautiful Burnout taking place at the other and the hidden gardens outside should one need to get back to nature during lunchtime. Now if only the quality of coffee served in the Tramway cafe could go up a notch or two then this would be (my) artistic heaven.

So...this week i have mostly been getting back in the groove of Such a Bloke. Janis Claxton ( is back in the building and cracking the whip and mostly talking about her new love for china and gorillas. So much so that i'm even counting gorillas in the piece. The piece is coming along nicely and now requires the final touches of a good suit from House of Billiam ( and some scrutiny from a lighting designer. The day culminated in a showing for the board of the Work Room. With smiles and positive feedback at the end of the piece, fingers crossed that's put me in the good books for securing future residencies...thanks clackers!!

Mock up from House of Billiam...although i could possibly step out in this....?

JC all up in the place!...just before the flash and i'm not talking about the camera.

tunes i have discovered through this process in one way or another...and i'm now listening too...and so can you.

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