Friday, 10 September 2010

wind it up!

So we reach the end of week 2. One more showing in the bag for the lighting designer, Renny, and tour manager, Vicky...and i'm spent. Managed to dig deep for the morning warm up but i fear the odd late night skype session may have caught up with me. Regardless, the piece is looking good and i'm pretty pleased with where it's at. After sitting in on discussions with all those involved in the tour i begin to realise it's quite a large project i have set loose. So i'm grateful i've got some good people (see vicky and JC below) handling their business and, consequently, mine. I decided to treat myself to some Tramway dinner out in the hidden gardens before winding it up with a 24 season 3 episode...all of a sudden quite retro. And todays tune is there for those of us waiting for something good to happen....

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