Thursday, 16 September 2010

TV dinners

Man alive...this week has seen me get back into Watch iT! and remember what a behemoth of a show i created. Although this time i'm armed with a pretty competent production manger and lighting designer. It is still a beast of a show, however. Monday meant a trip to the big yellow store...not a place to be if you aren't a fan of that colour. It's pretty easy to get lost in this place so it's a good job i have a cracking sense of direction. Unfortunately my memory doesn't function as good. the last time i visited here i had forgotten my padlock combination and require the use of some industrial bolt cutters.

Someone say "Heeeeeerrrresss Johnny!"

After a relatively painless load up a big yellow, myself and Grahame (trusty PM) headed of into town to get the not-so-flying carpet edged. Going down a dead end in leith was not part of the plan but easily rectified with some maverick reverse manoeuvring. Also on the list was a collecting of a rather nifty lampshade courtesy of Karen Tennent. If, like me, you have stuck your eyeballs up close and personal to an old TV set you will notice a hypnotic red, green and blue pattern. Watch this space for more colour coordinated furniture....

The day wrapped up with delivery at tramway, a discussion on what was needing touching up, built or scrapped and then the appearance of the russian :)

Tuesday - the russian and and inactive sim card somehow lead to a good day.

Wednesday - back in the mix. Some of the props leave workroom to get a facelift and i start to remind my body of how difficult i like to make things for myself. A late finish ensues with bangers and mash, ginger beer and the company of Arches head honchos Al Seed and LJ Dodds.

Thursday - crikey it's thursday already! I'm lucky enough to have Christine Devaney from Curious Seed on board as my mentor for Watch iT! and while on tour. The day kicks off with some pilates (no doming people!) followed by some much needed improv. We spend most of the day talking about the show. It feels really good to get some feedback and discuss ways in which to tweak the piece. After a lot of head nodding and chat a plan is formed. I end proceedings with a run of Such a Bloke...i should really warm myself up properly next time. Anyway, it's past 8pm and i need to get out of here so i'll leave you with the obvious choice for today's tune...

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