Friday, 17 September 2010

I write this end of week summation in Glasgow's Mono bar, where i first tasted a half decent alcohol free beer. Right now there is some ear piercing music being "mixed" but am nevertheless comfortably replete due to having my fill of roast vegetable pie and chips. Watch iT! continues to find it's feet under the watchful eye of Ms Devaney. It's all about character and i'm trying to find one that feels right for the show while dealing with the like, loss, lust and love of a TV relationship. Monday will hopefully all the set back in it's rightful place, but right now i'm looking forward to the weekend where i plan to surprise the Russian....will let you know how that goes.

Chris Devaney plays peek-a-boo....

So who is the mysterious Russian? I'm in the process of finding that out myself but in the meantime here she is succumbing to gravity. I should be lending a hand but i'm not one to miss a good photo opportunity.

...and Friday's tune is...

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