Friday, 15 July 2011

1 down 1 to go

So this is the end of week one. I've taught a chunk of material, done plenty improv exercises, contact and got some rough set pieces together. I hope some of this info will be retained (by myself also) so next week goes fairly smoothly. We have a name finally! Zhège Nàgè which basically means This & That. I think it's a good summation of what has been very much a mixture of sorts within this project. There's a little more video up. Once again this is a rough sketch of a duet between Alex & Uma. After work was finished, Tomaz invited us round to his gaff for some authentic chinese cuisine. Standout dishes where the 1000 year old egg and something that was super spicy. At least i had a night off from eating the street bbq. The dinner came complete with an uber cute chinese kid whose chinese was waaaay better than mine and 5 household cats that were getting high on some cat weed...needless to say they were catatonic...oh yeah!

The bomb with a cigarette

Home of the Caster the thick of it in Shanghai city!

Me & The Bomb...with the same cigarette

Let's get blown...and then lick ourselves all over

Dinner wiht cute kid...and yes another cigarette

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