Thursday, 14 July 2011 i missed a day on the blogging. Gutted! There goes my aim to do some reportage each day. Last night i was simply too wrecked to put fingers to keyboard. It was a long day in the studio with just Alex and myself followed by some book hunting, chinese lesson and some street bbq to chow down on. But...i'll hopefully make up for the lack with today's blog as i finally have some video to go up. I'm still editing the clips Tomaz gave me but i do have some footage taken with my camera so excuse the quality. Some very rough sketches here. I think i'm going to have to work very fast next week as Uma will have another day off doing her business studies and i would like to be in a position where we can be running the work for most of the day on Friday. Wishful thinking perhaps but we shall see. I must resist the urge to make new material. i think i'll have to write that on my hand each morning.

Still have to come up with a name? "dance to takeaway" perhaps...Another sweaty day in the studio was had today. So much so that i had to go and buy another T-Shirt to wear after lunch. I took Alex with me to help me negotiate a price. That might not have been such a good idea because in the first shop we went to an argument quickly ensued between him and the vendor about price and we were basically told to leave. Even with my limited language knowledge the message was quite clear. Eventually a deal was brokered in another shop and i got my Tee. I should have really tried it on cos it was way too tight. Fashion faux pas aside we did some good stuff i reckon. I'm really trying to drill them in the movement style so that next week when there's a little more planning going on, they will retain that sense of what the movement felt like and not drift into something new when we come to do it. After improvising with some contact work for a while we tried setting a few moves. You always lose a little something in the process of cementing a sequence. And it's double hard with a language barrier. I could see that tension was beginning to rise but we were close to finishing so it didn't have a chance to burst. However, i'm going to have to find a way to navigate around this as we will be getting more concrete next week so there could be rubble ahead...ahem.

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