Friday, 8 July 2011

Drop the Bomb

Today i was joined in the studio by Alex Bomb. I thought it would be a good idea to see how he took to some of my movement ideas and a little weight sharing. The response was good and i don't think he minds how Tony Thrills gets down. This was towards the end of the day and slowly but surely our studio began to fill up with old and new acquaintances. First was Hilda a freestyle dancer & teacher and friend of Alex. She had initially been recommended to me by Bboy Zee (see previous posts) as someone who might be suitable for the project. However, the deal with dancers/teachers affiliated with Caster Studio is that they are unable to take on work for other companies. We tried to negotiate but it seems the politics of the whole affair was proving too much trouble. On top of this, Jiang Fan, the dancer we had met earlier in the week, had gotten back in touch to say her schedule would not allow her to be involved with the project. A shame but i suspected this might be the case. I was keen to do the work as a trio, which would be new ground for me, but will also aim to produce the goods as a duet if that is how it plays out. There are still a few more avenues to investigate however. Hilda was followed by Tomaz with the final instalment being Benjamin. I met Ben during my first trip to Shanghai during our late night street session where the music was provided by the custom boom box attached to his moped. A creative dude constantly on the hustle, Ben has some good stories about his time as asia's biggest goa trance DJ and Korean bboy battles in chinese karaoke bars. I thought now would have been a good kodak moment with this troupe in the studio and then i realised that my mind clearly wasn't on the job any more and since we had done a decent days work i decided to wrap it up. 

Once i returned back to my gaff i had some admin to do. With the time difference i am just finishing my day while folk back home are just beginning. The lack of a scanner or fax machine that would send documents outside of China slowed me down somewhat. I then got a call from Ben to meet for some grub. One large bowlful of beef & noodles and im back at the hotel, passed out on my bed. I get woken up by the phone in my room..."Ni Hao! would you like hotel room massage sir?"...hmmm...tempting, but no thanks. Back to sleep.

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