Thursday, 7 July 2011


38 Degrees today...wowza! and today i think was the first day i could see the sky as it was neither obscured due to smog or heavy humidity. I finally got a decent night's kip last much so i found it hard to pull myself out of bed. Things are getting back to normal then. As a result of some good rest i had a productive 2nd day in the studio and slowly but steadily the ideas are coming. I realised i'd gone 4hrs without even a toilet break (that's because i sweat it all out i'm sure). I did, however, have my flow interrupted by two hapless young ladies who decided they wanted to practice their Waacking/Whackin' etc... technique before doing class. I was a bit bemused but thought they might get the hint when i stopped what i was doing and gave them the sternest Tony Thrills look as i possibly could...which is pretty stern i'm telling you. My body language was falling on deaf ears and just as i was about to eject them in a friendly foreigner manner, the receptionist came and ushered them out. Between me and you they weren't very good anyway otherwise i might have let them stay. If you haven't got a clue what i'm talking about with regards to their chosen dance style then you could do much worse than check out the documentary Paris Is Burning, which looks at an area of 80s new york club culture where styles like voguing, waackin' & punkin' where born.

My current hood...

So after i wrapped it up at Caster i made it back to my gaff and felt a sudden urge to hit the hay. My dad says don't fight sleep so who am i to ignore the wisdom of such a learned man. Upon awakening i felt a second urge and that was to eat. Good to know that life in the 21st century hasn't dulled our primal instincts. Whilst in hunter gatherer mode i came across a friendly face (see below). You gotta give it to them, Tesco is certainly leading the charge in the stakes of global supermarket domination. I decided to investigate. If you thought your local tesco metro got jammed in the post work food frenzy then try navigating yourself safely round downtown Shanghai's version. You have to be swift on your feet to avoid colliding with a trolley below the belt...and even swifter to pick up a bargain in the reduced section. There was some kind of argument over boiled eggs and live eels and fish up for grabs. The one fish floating upside-down didn't look too happy but i though it was good to see Tesco embracing the local culture regardless. All in all quite an exciting outing for a thursday evening.

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