Thursday, 22 December 2011

Dinner Dance

I write this as the penultimate day of our 3 week residency comes to an 3:56am. I had invited in a well experienced colleague, Chris Devaney, to give us a little feedback on what we had been doing in the lab for this time. It always amazes me how other people see things differently from oneself and discover things from viewing work that you never even thought of. All in all a very worthwhile endeavour and it was good for us to perform some of what we had created. We wrapped up the day with another session of conditioning and the daily highlight of the handstand assault course. I managed to squeeze in some last minute xmas shopping before scrubbing myself up and heading down to a nice restaurant to meet the rest of the crew for some end-of-project chow. Be.D were slightly late as they decided to take a more creative route into town but nevertheless rocked up in matching denim shirts, sliver chains and with some good banter. The socialising carried on to the other side of town where we met up with some other friends. A bit of larking about and a lot of dancing was had with the occasional wigging out session. In at 1pm is christmas afterall.

R2M crew picks up their glasses while Tony picks up the bill :) good guys & good dinner

Some of the local heads join us for an after dinner boogie

Ed decides that Ben should go it alone on the denim shirt front

Chillin' with hostess Kerrie Sauce

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