Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Half Volley

What a day...i feel absolutely busted. Could be something to do with Ed Spoons passing on a wintery bug or how much dancing/volley ball we did today. Yes...indeed, Volley Ball was the name of the game today. Our warm up of keepy uppy with Wilson from famed shipwreck movie castaway had extended into some full blown court action. The Musselburgh Men's Beach/Indoor Volley Ball squad had their debut match against...well each other in a little pre-season tete a tete. Teams were Me & Dan vs Ben & Ed (also known as B.Ed). After a cautious period of sussing each other out the game began to open up and after a while some clear dominance was asserted by myself & Dan. Point scoring was in fact pointless. Occasional flashes of inspiration were shown by the B.Ed duo, especially once Ed finally found his serve. But no sooner had it been found, it was lost again and indeed lose they did overall. This might appear a bit one sided but history is often written by the victors. You may be able to find other accounts of todays underground and off the books match, but hold fire for the Top Gun pastiche trailer coming soon...minus the sand and great weather.

It took 2 of them to block the big man...

The Squad...2012 is gonna be a big year on the UK beach volley ball circuit

Staying true to form we did of course do some dancing today. Something that everyone is good at :) :) :) Myself & Ben make the cut for this one....

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