Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Dancer in the dark

My carpentry skills seemed to have paid off thankfully. After class the boys got stuck in to put the finishing touches to some frames i built. This is in an effort to recreate a sort of rear window-esque scene, as we peer into the individual lives of the crew but gradually come to sense that something is not quite right. That is the idea anyway. We spent the bulk of the day in the dark after blacking out the space as much as we could. There is some video but probably due to the bad light was out of focus for most of it. I'll try and do better tomorrow. I've been kept so busy that xmas shopping has been last on the list. I plan to get it done in one go (hahaha...unlikely but you never know) for late night shopping on thursday. I did hear about an interesting present in the form of Miracle Berries. Apparently these berries are native to Ghana (bonus points scored) and have the ability to alter the taste of food you eat. So if you fancy giving someone a taste sensation for xmas instead of aftershave then try these at miracleberry.co.uk. I can also recommend the stylophone for hours of fun and musical mastery in minutes...retro and very cool.

This is us trying to get into the right frame of mind...ahem!

Videos that made the cut from yesterday. We managed to get quite a lot of stuff of our chest (yes that's 2 glorious puns in one day folks...more of the same tomorrow)

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