Monday, 19 December 2011

Out of the box

We kicked of the week in fine form as i forgot my training trousers and had to spend the day in my corduroy jeans. The lads got a good squint at my lean legs in my long johns during our warm up also. There's a christmas treat one won't forget so easily. We spent the whole day playing with an old chest that belonged to my folks and has been hoarding bed sheets for a number of years. Built to withstand the test of time it also dealt with us jumping, sliding, climbing around and even flipping off it (not me personally...that's more ben and dan's territory). It's an homeage to Hitchcock's movie "Rope", where some poor fella is strangled and packed away into a chest in the living room while his murderers throw a party in his honour. Ideas were flowing and there's many options to take with this material...but i'll need to bring it back to the subject at some point as it's just too easy to get carried away sometimes. I stayed on in the studio til late with some wood, a saw and some screws. Tune in tomorrow to see what DIY carpentry mysteries i've conjured up.

I've decided this is how the dancers will tour with the show...they look happy enough!

There was some good material that could have easily made the video post today. But, i've left it way too late to start uploading so you'll have to be happy with one of my favourite tunes from the 80s which i think is quite apt given today's carry on....

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