Sunday, 18 December 2011

Final furlong

So it's sunday night. It's been a big weekend. So big i never got round to doing the friday night blog post so here it is...a couple of days late. Friday involved blowing off a lot of steam. A series of events unfolded that lead to me remaining horizontal for all of saturday, meaning i missed out on what was probably one of the best xmas parties to be held in the Burgh this year which was being thrown by a friend of mine. Ah well there's always next year. So it's the final week already. Things have moved pretty fast. In the beginning i thought to myself how was i going to fill 3 weeks and keep these boys busy. Now i wish i had even more time. I had planned to get on the prop building tip this weekend, but friday's antics put that idea out the window. Regardless, ill be couriering more odds and ends down to the Brunton on Monday morning. One would have thought i would have learned my lesson after creating Watch iT! I do seem to have found a use for my mother's old wooden chest that has been sitting around in my flat for this space. Friday's polaroid also didn't turn out so good. I've got 8 captures left so i better make them count.

Ed Spoon makes the video post cut with his keepin' it real stuff!

1st drafts on the bboy fallout...

I exchanged lateral recumbency for a more upright position today as i actually had to work. As part of another project i'm involved with, I had to lead an audition today. This was my debut attempt at this. I think i did ok and didn't fall into the realm of abusing my power. You can find out more about this project here at

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