Tuesday, 6 December 2011

From dusk til dawn

Wow! an uber long day has been had at R2M hq. Day 2 continues with some good energy from all involved. The dancers are increasing loving the contemporary vibe but i'm also trying to "keep it real" and make sure we squeeze in at least one cypher during the day. The first half of the day was about experimentation. We took a look at what happens when other body parts get involved in one's breaking. It turned out to be a difficult process, but i think nowt worth having ever came easy. That one is to be continued. We also messed about with some top rock, creating some material and then giving it some restrictions. That also produced some interesting results. I will endeavour to get some video up on this here blog soon enough. The second half of the day dealt with an aspect of the piece we're working towards. This was based on the idea of how sometimes in a bboy crew there is often one person who is the weakest link...or dead meat even. In a battle situation other members of the crew might have to carry that person. In our case, literally. The course of the day was filled with hash (#) tags and tweets most of which you can find here @Edspoons.

It's late...once again a fail to hit the sack at a reasonable time. The reason being that once rehearsals were done the london boys fancied checking out a local practice. But not before getting charge up on some of Edinburgh's quality java. As well as getting a suitable caffeine hit we also learned that there's a tiny theatrical bar located in East London that is voted the 42nd best bar in the world and you have to make an appointment in order to drink there. It's bad enough trying to make an appointment with the dentist, now you have to do the same in order to get a drink. Although apparently it's very theatrical so perhaps the next time i'm down south and i'm feeling flush i'll try to phone in advance...i just can't quite remember the name....? Practice was short but sweet, then it was off to the Random Aspekts secret training grounds for a late night rehearsal for our up coming show with Wild Biscuit Music entitled "MOVE". A fusion of bagpipes and breakdance, you can see us opening the Hands Up for Trad Awards on BBC iPlayer. So needless to say, it's been a long day. Time for bed.

The polaroid project continues with Dan the man.

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