Monday, 5 December 2011

Back in the lab...

Winter has properly set in and the first flakes of snow are beginning to appear. Sounds like the perfect time to get into the studio and out of the cold weather. So that's what i'm doing at the moment. The good people of Brunton Theatre have given me the use of a studio space for the next 3 weeks and i've also got 3 fine dancers to work with. The plan is to both do some experimenting and also work towards the next Room 2 Manoeuvre full length creation. Back in 2008, myself and fellow Random Aspekts crew mates Matt Foster and Bilal Oussellam made a short piece inspired by film noir and Alfred Hitchcock. Some good theatre fodder there, and we went on to perform it at the Dublin Fringe. I've always had it in mind that i would like to return to the work and extend it. 3 years later i'm finally on it but under the guise of R2M and with other dancers in the mix. I'll have the pleasure of working with quality bboys Ed Stephen, Ben Jammin and Daniel Aing (twitter sites coming soon!). The question is...what causes a bboy crew to fall apart, what happens psychologically and can this be presented in a hip hop dance theatre alfred hitchcock-esque stylee...? It's a big ask, and perhaps it might end up going in a different direction. Stay tuned to find out...

My attempt at a Saul Bass type image for the piece. 
Check out some of print design guru Saul Bass' work here

I recently rediscovered my old Polaroid Camera and as i have a liking for many things retro, i decided to put it back into action. A little dusty but still works. I also discovered you can still get hold of film for said camera. A little pricey but also still works. I'll be trying to blog everyday but not polaroid picture taking everyday. Just every now and then. This is Ed...pondering perhaps...(note this not a iphone app jobbee!)

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