Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Hand to feet existence

Phwoarrr...the body is sore today. Everybody's body is. I think the breaking drills we came up with and the group sequence pretty much did the damage. But regardless, it's more hard graft today. BBoy acrobatics is in full swing. The pecking order pretty much remains the same and my dive forward rolls are coming a long a treat...yaaay. I realised quite early on that even with these 3 week i wasn't going to get to explore all the things i wanted to or at least not in the depth i had hoped. I am dipping in to many things in an effort to touch on them but then moving on pretty swiftly. I think another residency is in order...perhaps somewhere warm if i can blag it. However, the research library bank of video and notes continues to grow. To add to this (and related to the actual piece) i wanted to include some acro-balance stuff as mentioned previously...if you have been reading. I have recently gotten into this pastime myself and began to see it as something i could include in the work. I invited in local acrobatic technicians Ben & Emily to guide us 4 rather large lads in the fine art of standing on each other. My aim had been to get someone standing on hands with both people fully upright. We didn't quite manage that in 2 hrs but Ed and Dan did pull off a neat balance as shown below...Ben should be spotting but is too busy playing up to the camera as usual.

Room 2 Manoeuvre taking up as much room as possible

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