Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Needle in a Giant Haystacks

Good day in the studio! The mats got the first real test as we ended class with a bit of gymnastics...bboy style ie bent legs everywhere. This is true apart from Dan who is a big dog in this field..followed closely by the marine a.k.a. Ben. Me and Ed are propping up the rear, but still in there. This extended into a session of move explorations using the soft landings provided by the mats. I have to say, i feel quite blessed in some respects just to be able to spend my time doing this, researching and not really having to produce anything at the end of it. The boys did good and came up with yet more tasty ingredients to add to the mix. The up-to-5 Minute challenge proceeded lunch and this was comprised of stripping off and getting down to some mano a mano on the mats. 3 polaroids in one day, i am spoiling you....

Ben gets the full brunt of the Cambodian Cervical Cruncher

Someone forgot to inform me of the dress code....

Ben puts the hurt on Ed and an end to the who bit who's move quarrel

We did of course do some serious work after lunch, and focused on some movement patterns and ideas that we touched on briefly the previous day. I reckon it's decent enough to make the cut.

I seem to be back on track and writing these blog posts suitably late so it's time to head to bed. Tomorrow we have invited in some local acro-balancers to find out which one of us is head and shoulders above the rest...should be interesting.

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