Monday, 12 December 2011

Pucker up, buttercup

Week 2 commences and after rehearsing a different show on the west coast of Skotchland for the weekend, there is a touch of the groundhog day sensation setting in. So we tackled something else for the bulk of the day...the actual subject material of the deterioration of a bboy crew. This brought up some interesting  fodder in the form of personal experiences of the what can force friends apart or cause stress on relationships within a crew. Through this discussion we managed to isolate 4 characters that the story will revolve around. These are The Leader, The Superstar BBoy, The Non-commitalist and the Hardcore BBoy. There were other characters that came up in our discussions but as i wish to create the piece with 4 dancers, these 4 characters seemed to cover the ideas in the story quite well. Of course we also did a bit of moving about and i feel like we are certainly developing a particular movement vocabulary...but today's work was not good enough to make the cut for the video post...sorry lads. Ben's 5 minute challenge (now renamed the up-to-5 Minute challenge) was to capture my rosy cheeks unawares and commit it to's me fresh out of the loo...additional info you probably didn't need.

So where was i for these 48 hrs between friday and monday. Well it was a rather brutal 5am start to drive out to Mid-Argyll with Random Aspekts compadres, Matt and Bilal. The snow was already a few inches deep as i walked to my early morning rendez-vous. This mean't we left Edinburgh at a snails pace along the motorway. We made it out to the west of glasgow where the weather had eased off, but there was still plenty snow. Our sat nav took us on a merry jaunt down some single track roads and into the pathway of some highland cows who seemed to be making a break for it. They were possibly on the run from the belligerent farmer who gave us an ear bashing for being on a public road. Anyway, after some impressive handbrake turn manoeuvres from Matt we were back on the right track and made it to our rehearsal spot...albeit a tad late. The Wild Biscuit crew, who we are working with, had made some tidy new tracks and now the full set is running at 50 mins. When we last performed this it was we have a bit of work to do before our performance at Celtic Connections in Jan. More info to be had at

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