Friday, 9 December 2011

How long does a candle burn?

..til the end of the week...and that's where we're at! A big thank you to the boys for working so hard during the first week of this residency. It's been a real experiment in terms of what we are doing and the formation of the residency itself. This week has been a bit choca and i have been unable to review much of the material we have investigated. There's a bit more free time up ahead so i hope i can do more of what i should have been doing to take the project further. Regardless, we have hit upon some "new" ideas. I say "new" ideas because they are new for me. So in this sense our endeavours have been quite fruitful. I haven't really visited many of the ideas that i have for the actual piece. This i intend to do next week...hopefully along with the delivery of some judo mats...yes, self defence training is part of the R2M ethos. We wrapped up the week with our daily conditioning and stretching session. These sessions are periodically peppered with complaints from Ed, but i know he loves it in the end.

Dan and his various sources of energy for the day

Today's 5 minute challenge was instigated by me and for me, and involved compiling a list of lookalikes for the group. Who wins? you decide...but i think Dan and Ben are fighting it out for 1st place....

Ed & Ben make the cut to appear on the blog video post with their investigation of hooks, trapping and breaking-type-stuff. Good work lads.

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