Thursday, 8 December 2011

Thar she blows!

Highs winds in the city of Edinburgh today. Along with a fine selection of tunes provided by myself, and a brief interjection of Morissey (special request for Ben), the sound of perpetual rain and winds battering of the building formed part of todays soundtrack. Angry gales have headed in across the atlantic and are taking out their frustrations all over Scotland. So much so there could have been a chance of us being stranded in Musselburgh. Well probably not actually, but it would have been a helluva long walk back into town had the buses been cancelled. Just to be sure i took a single decker bus back home. Two fingers in the eyes of nature right there! Today saw me beast the fellas pretty hard as they sprinkled some of their own flavours onto a piece of my movement. This was followed by a solid 2 hr improv of some sort of breaking-contact hybrid business. Many gems were discovered and like much of the true beauty in this world, existed only briefly and now remains nothing but a joyful memory in the minds of those involved. This is all good, but doesn't help so much when you're trying to gather material that you might want to use later on. Note to self: photo camera memory is not big enough, therefore must bring video camera. No doubt the current weather situation is causing havoc across the country but it did mean my evening class in glasgow got cancelled. This was met with some relief i must say as i've been on the go quite a bit lately and relish the chance to get myself to bed before i'm due to turn into a pumpkin. After which point i would no longer be able to type on my laptop and be at the mercy of any latent halloween celebrants. You never know....

Ed Spoon with Wilson, the 5th member of the Musselburgh Men's Beach Volley Ball Squad

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