Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Moving out, moving in, moving on.

Well as mentioned previously, R2M has become a resident company at Brunton Theatre. As things had bene pretty hectic since the start of the year it had been very difficult to find the time to physically move in to my new office space. However, as work has calmed down bit recently i decided to finally make that move. Since 2009, i had been storing the set of Watch iT! Gradually this had become a more expensive endeavour so first port of call was to close my account with the storage company and shift all my goodies over to Brunton. This would be temporary until a suitable space became available associated with the theatre. Monday was to be the day. I had an early start to meet Ken, my courier. A man of few words and as stoic as they come. We picked up the goods easily enough, i wept a tear and said goodbye to my Sighthill storage depot. We're off! I had visions of how relieved i would be in a few hours. It was going to be a pain to unload all this stuff up a few flights of stairs...but it would all be worth it. We arrive at the theatre. it's awful quiet i thought to myself...not many cars about...getting a parking space was surprisingly easy. I ran up the stairs to test out my new swipe card and waited for the beep that would be music to my ears as the door would open and beckon me inside....nothing happened though! I tried again. Was this a dud? I couldn't understand it. I rang the doorbell. Banged on the window. There was no one about. And then the penny dropped...it's Bank Holiday Easter Monday. As the building is council run they adopt national holidays...or something like that. Either way the place was baron and i was not going to be unloading anything there on that day. Ken shrugged, i scratched my head and decided that we had to take the stuff to the courier's warehouse and keep it there overnight. What a faff! That set the tone of the day to a nearly-but-not-quite mood. I told ken i'll be back at 9am the next day...he grumbled something which i think meant he concurred.

The next day we loaded up in record time. We arrive once more at the familiar building. this time i've phoned ahead to make sure they weren't helping themselves to another day off. There are about 3 flights of stairs to climb up to get to the office door. That was my exercise for the day. I don't fancy being the technicians who will be taking Watch iT! to Paris in June. Ill be on a plane while they are loading up. Anyway, we got it done. I parted with some cash, said thanks to Ken and he proceeded to tell me how his day was panning out. Maybe he just needs a little time to warm up....we'll never know. So im in. Maybe i have my priorities mixed up but first thing i wanted to do was put up a blog post....et voila!

moving out...

ken looks on in quiet disarray

moving in and moving on....

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