Thursday, 12 April 2012

A trip to the circus

Just off the train from london town and first stop is kilimanjaro coffee and a croissant. I didn't have time to get any before i left and i certainly won;t be drinking the "coffee" on the train. I sometimes feel that people can be divided into two types...those that eat on the move and those that sit down. I belong to the former and am trying to shift over to the latter in an effort to enjoy things a little bit more. SO i am enjoying my current sustenance and filling the time with writing this post - perhaps i've just contradicted myself there?

Anyway, I've just come back from a little trip to the circus...or rather the cirque. The show in question is Undermän. I saw the online promo a while back and it's stuck with me since. It's all about 3 rather large blokes (practically vikings as they're from Swedish circus production group Cirkus Cirkör) making sense of life after heart break. They are quite a talented bunch i must say. As well as an array of perfected tricks, they also provide their own live soundtrack with drums, guitars, accordion and an additional cellist. Just think scandanvian folk, rock, contemporary classical cross over. It's a very warm, light-hearted and humorous show. If i have to point the finger at anything then i would say there's a couple of times when they drop the ball (literally), in the sense of losing the audience. Basically, the directing could be tighten up in parts. But it's good. And they save the best til last with a dance/acro trio of these big dudes throwing each other about. Surprisingly very nimble. Check it out while you still can at the Roundhouse. Who knows, they may even make an appearance at the fringe....

Underman crew + stylophones
I didn't fancy much of the professional dance classes that were on during this week so i decided i would get my kicks the DIY way. I tagged on to Ghetlow Pirate and rising star on the uk bboy scene (he'll like that!), Ben Jammin and hit up local practice spot, Trocadero, smack in the centre of town. It was good to work off the rust in the run up to Saturday's battle. Apart from the inevitable sound clash, as dancers bring their own sound systems to the area, it's a pretty good spot with a nice floor. I'll be heading back upon my return for Breakin' Convention.

Trocadero spot...panorama went a bit wonky but you get the idea.

Good friend, Eddie Spoons, put a brother up for the period i was there. The poor lad only went and broke a metatarsal after scorching some of london's bboys at a recent jam. Not one to sit back and relax, he's stoking the fires of the east london social scene by co-organising a wee get together under the name Unity. I'll be forming part of the DJ squad. Good people, good vibes...if you're in town, get down. Big love to Ed star...get well soon.x

Funk in the bunk with Ed Spoons

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