Tuesday, 15 May 2012

It's been a long time...

...i shouldn't have left you, without a blog post to tempt you...or something like that. Yes, it has been a long time. Where to begin? Lot's has been going down so it's been a tad difficult to get the old fingers to keyboard action happening. It's late but a figure it's high time the world knew what i've been occupying myself with for the past few weeks. To kick things off i was ill...like ill bill style. A cheeky wee virus crept up on me unawares and proceeded to seduce me into a perpetual state of headaches, sore bones and general feeling not so hotness. Nicht so gut people because at the same time i had to man up and represent with the Wild Biscuit crew for a performance of MOVE at the Scottish tourism EXPO. All the free short cake at the event couldn't make up for the world of hurt i was in. But, somehow seeing my good self on the flyer gave me the strength to carry on...as my dad says: if no one else is going to blow your trumpet, might as well do it yourself. Sound advice. Check out the new move facebook page here.

Staying in bed exceeding your download limit for the week in a matter of hours might seem like fun but the novelty soon wears off. I was getting itchy feet.....no i was actually getting itchy feet. Probably something to do with not being so well. I was due to head down south of the border to spin some tunes, spin on my head and balance some folk on my hands. I was praying i would be fit enough to do so. The gods must have listened, because i had regained my complexion and, more importantly, my appetite by the time i was due to leave. That could also have been down to the power of my aunty Biotic. Anyway, one insightful train ride later i was in the land if Eng...where you can't even give scottish money away. I managed to link up with the Kings of Shoreditch in time for their monthly Unity event. This month featured matching T-shirts by Strike Cover. I didn't pull such a late one this time as the next day i was to be up early for some hand to hand combat...or balancing, which ever came first really. I did manage to drop a few funk bombs before i left however.

Now you might think this post is becoming a little self-indulgent. You're right! But i'm a fair man so you can see pics of other hipsters from the Unity night right here.

I like to squeeze things in. Especially when it comes to Jaffa cakes, but that's another story. With this ethos in mind i crammed in a solid day's acro training with london crowd Acrobatika. Complete with partner in crime Zoe P (name check...aren't you lucky). A good day was had being upside down or on my back for most of it, and being told that i need to work on my flexibility (now where have i heard that before...?). Quite a nice set up that reinforced my love for the inflatable tumble track.

The weekend passed pretty quickly and as i was due to perform at Breakin' Convention the following weekend i figured i would do what i do best, which is drink coffee, window shop and take class...but do it in London. With ample coffee shops to visit, windows to look through and classes to take, i broadened my horizons to see what cultural feasts i could find. I discovered a rather apt exhibition about how Television has influenced art held at the Institute of Contemporary Arts. Why oh why did i not know about this before? Some interesting stuff if you like TVs and 80s subversion media. Remote Control is on til 10th June.

The man with his finger on the London pulse, Ed Spoons, decided he would make full use of me while i was about. Not for any DIY purposes but to sprinkle a little bit of Tony Tumeric on the simmering youth theatre group of Hoxton Hall. They are producing their own version of Antigone and i was asked if i would help out with a little movement direction. Not one to deny the youth of today the means of shaping their own creative futures i was more than happy to be involved. I don't think they understood my jokes but they looked like they enjoyed the session at least. This reminds me i need to invoice for this...

Grand old Hoxton Hall
Continuing with the work half of this trip, on the friday night i had my debut as a talk show/debating host. Breakin' Convention kicked off with a film night featuring work from UK and International film artists including a short documentary about a the OUR bboy judging system pioneered by Bboy Dyzee from Canada (website). This was then the topic for some discussion with exponents of the UK scene. Often a very controversial area within the scene, i had to put on my best David Dimbleby face and keep the discussion flowing. Things were just heating up as i had to call time on the proceedings. More of this hosting please.

From Sat to Mon we got down to the nitty gritty. I was asked to be part of the Freestyle Funk Forum alongside 3 other dope dancers, a cellist, a beat boxer, an MC and a DJ. A kind of hip hop who's line is it anyway. I dunno who was playing Mike Mcshane but i was definitely Ryan Styles. I have to admit to being a bit dubious how this would play out, but it went down a treat (like a coffee soaked jaffa cake). It was refreshing to be part of BC but not dealing with the stress of bringing a whole show. I saw some good work, had fun in the theatre, met some new people and all in all a pretty solid weekend was had. All the dancer's had their own intro at the beginning of the show. I did mine to INXS "Need You Tonight". On the 2nd day some group was chanting my name (honestly! i'm surprised as much as you are)...i guess this blog reaches farther than i thought.

Freestyle funking in the LBS

Sold out in the mainstage
Unfortunately, i could not hang about and reap the benefits of my stage presence and missed out on the afterparty as i hopped onto the Eurostar to Paris. Hard times i know. I was off to get some food and stir the creative juices by getting knee deep in an improvisation workshop lead by Thomas hauert from Zoo. It was a good sweaty week and i picked up a few new tricks for putting my body into unexpected places (like cupboards....joke). I caught some shows, met up with some people and most importantly practiced my french. I'll be returning to Paris to present Watch iT! on the 8/9th of June as well as teaching class for a week. I need to get some key phrases sorted like...ou est le cafe?

Would you take class from this guy?

A little taste of Paris

Boom! mega blog post over. This wknd sees the return of Breakin' Convention to Edinburgh then on to Inverness so prepare your self for more witty and astute anecdotes next week. Big love.

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