Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Peer pressure

I have succumbed to the general consensus of folk who actually do read this blog that i ought to be posting stuff at a more frequent rate. Obviously, their concern is one of quantity and not quality. It must be widely assumed that crazy, exciting things happen in my life on a daily basis. They don't. They do, in fact, happen every other day. The trouble is it's quite hard to store a vivid record of such happening data so i usually try and save up the best bits. Quality you see! However, since i am working in the world of entertainment, then at the very least i should try to keep my baying public happy.

Another reason i have been slow on the blogging is that i wanted to upload a selection of polaroids from recent exploits. But for some reason the old imac that i have attached to my scanner would not wake up from it's digital slumber. I put that computer to sleep (not through any conventional veterinary manner i might add) and much like my dad after a sunday lunch, has proved very hard to wake up. So i was like...uuh can i really be bothered to install the scanner software on another comp or get it done elsewhere blah blah blah...and this was hindering me somewhat. I decided that tonight would be the night though. So i tried something i had not tried before and proceeded to turn it on at the power switch. So yes of course that worked and now im here with several scanned polaroids as a special treat for those of you who have been feeling R2M blog withdrawl symptoms. By the way the old imac did go back to sleep after the job was done and again refused to wake up. This could be the first recorded case of digital narcolepsy....or perhaps not?

I have been thinking about polaroids recently...today as it happens. I decided that taking a polaroid can almost be an analogy for life: one shot is all you get, so don't mess it up. You do get 8 shots but only one chance not to mess each of them up....i did say "almost" an analogy. The other thing is you can't really take pictures of folk unawares. It's highly conspicuous nature means the game is up nearly as soon as you reach for it. Still, i am gradually getting more and more into my plastic instamatic (can you tell?). The abnormally good weather of late was plenty of a reason to blatantly let it hang out and get loose. And when the sun comes out in Scotland, so does the painfully pale white skin accompanied by instant barbeques. A more than apt opportunity for some instant picture taking...

one half of the day's hosting team.

DB staff...together through thick and thin


Host Sarah attempts some shaolin monk Qi business

More sausages than most...
...definitely more sausages than this guy!

Dr Dance fully approves

That was Sarah and Amanda's flat warming by the way. You might be wondering what are these weird brown patches and lines on the pics? Well even if you were not wondering i'm going to tell you anyway. It's an old batch of film you see...so it does some funky stuff when it developes. As the ill fated punk, Bill Paxton, in Terminator said to a naked Arnold Schwarzenegger...they might be "a couple of cans short of a six pack" but still produce the goods.

So what about work stuff? Well breakin' convention was off the chain both in Edinburgh and Inverness. In inverness, I've never multi-tasked so much at an event before, but it was all worth it. I won't chin you with all the details on here as there is some pretty good reportage online at Breakin' Convention Scotland Facebook and Boys About Town blog which features some video from Edinburgh...well worth a peek.

It's also late and project "bed b4 12" has failed miserably once more. But, ill get another shot at it tomorrow.


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