Sunday, 3 June 2012

On commence...

Salut tout le monde! Donc, je suis arrive a paris pour le c'est chouette! Yes indeed...i have a nice little apartment in part of the Centre National de la Danse building. Not too much to report today. I had a wander about Pantin (the area of Paris i'm staying in) and found the essentials i.e. somewhere to get a coffee and somewhere to buy some croissants (of which there is an abundant choice but you gotta do a little bit of research...pour trouver le meilleur). I warn you now i will be switching between french and english for the duration of this outing. When in Rome/Paris eh! I need to get my brain and body in tune as i have some "Master Classes" to teach this week. Tres cool a mon avis...perhaps i am beginning to be taken seriously. Watch this space.

Chez moi pour une semaine.

bog standard a la carte in the kitchen

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