Monday, 4 June 2012

plier et allonger

Boom! day 1 down. Aujourd'hui etait la premiere fois que j'ai enseigne la danse dans une autre c'etait chouette! Je suis arrive dans la salle et il n'y avait que deux personnes je pensais que comment est-ce que c'est le meme ici a comme chez moi?? Mais j'ai fait un erreur parce que il y avait douze personnes a la fin. Cool. So i was bricking it to be honest (i dont know the french for that) but once we got started and i slipped into tony-performance-teacher mode it was all good. A nice group so i hope they will be back for more tomorrow. The admin staff introduced me to the artistic director and course manager and we dealt with some money matters. The problem is once you start speaking french to french folk then that's what they use. So we're dealing with all this admin stuff in french. I'm kinda getting the jist but i don't think i signed away anything important...on verra!

I spent the rest of the day rehearsing. They have umpteen studios in this building so it wasn't too difficult to find one that was free. Watch iT! is coming back. it never really left but will be good to do it once more with all the set in play. The techies start their journey tomorrow. I keep racking my brain to think if there is anything i might have forgotten to leave out for them to collect. I nearly forgot half of my costume. Classic. That would have been fun and would have meant a trip to tk maxx...or the french equivalent. But no...i think it's all taken care of....i think....

Le studio...pas mal non?

This dude refused to get involved...lazy bones eh!
...and i can confirm that the hip bone is most definitely connected to the thigh bone.

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