Thursday, 2 August 2012

1 more sleep...

Yes...and i had better get to sleep pretty quickly as well. It's been a looong..but enjoyable day as the fringe festival opens it's doors to the masses. I guess this is also the beginning of my fringe frolics blog. I will attempt to post a blog each day as long as the indulgence in the Fringe doesn't get the better of me. So we put Watch iT! into it's new home for the next 25 days or so. We'll be presenting the show at ZOO southside main house. It felt good to get into the space and i think once we settle down a bit with the show, then it will look good. I've got a new tech tema on the go as my previous techs are loaded up to the brim with other Fringe work. A few cues have gone awry but it is to be expected...certainly keeps me on my toes anyway. I've also got an equally strong team on the promoting side to sell the show. When i stand back and look at it, theres actually been about 7 people (not including myself) involved in the work so far. A solo show is definitely a team effort. So apart form techs, there's been press launches galore. One at the ZOO where i thought it was just a photocall. Alas no it had to be a short live performance. Eek...what to do. Nearly every aspect of Watch iT! involves either set or AV stuff. I opted for my little pas de deux avec mon TV. That seemed to go down well.  After that it was a quick shaved followed by a trip to the Inspace Gallery for an exhibition by ~in the fields. I did a spot of work with these guys on the topic of the problem with plastic. It was a good experience working to a different brief. Today was also the launch of the Edinburgh Art Festival so lots of galleries had plenty of wine and canapes on the go.

Meandering around Inspace

Through the looking glass

Double T on the book wheel
After a bit of hobnobbing on the Edinburgh art scene i managed to score my first Fringe freebie (courtesy of Zoe P...2nd name check!) to see Knee Deep at the Spiegel Tent in George Sq featuring a bunch of quite talented and energetic aussies (with lots of tattoos also). Well worth a look...even if you just need some motivation to get active. Once that was finished it was a quick dash back to Thrills HQ to burn a CD for the 2nd of today's press/launch party performances. The List party general marks the start of the Fringe, with acts doing short excerpts of their shows and an abundance of free booze to get things moving. I did a repeat of the TV pas de at least that section will be pretty shit hot for tomorrows opening performance. the ironic thing is that it was held in the old veterinary college where i did my training back in the day. I even performed in the same hall i used to practice my breaking in...and subsequently get a telling off from the janitors because i was making too much noise.

Summerhall courtyard...never had parties like this when i was there

Old anatomy room now cutting up beats not cadavers
So there it is. Show is up tomorrow. Better get some kip. x

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