Friday, 3 August 2012

Nice and smooth Rodney...nice and smooth

Today was the first show of the 23 show run a.k.a. the preview. And luckily it was the preview as there were a few hurdles to over come before we got through the show. Number 1 being the fact that my adorabel portable TV managed to short out the electrics to one side of the stage. Some dodgy wiring to blame it turns out...i slowly raise my hand in that case. Secondly, a couple of the projector shutters decided to put themselves on standby while the show was up and basically not do the job they are supposed to do. It was one of  those moments when you're on stage and you ask yourself "shall i carry on?" and quickly run through the various up coming scenarios where said feature will no longer be in use. I couldn't do it in this case and we had to reset. Thankfully it was right at the beginning and during the fiddling period some more punters came in the door. After that the show went pretty smooth to be fair. It is going to take some time to settle down i'm sure. Many things happen in 3's they say...good things and bad. So the last thing was that i found out the show has been listed as being universal. Well it's not...and shouldn't be. It should be a nice, safe with a hint of the risque, PG. I got one complaint from a concerned parent about it's suitability after watching iT! with their child. Strange, as the info i submitted for the show info clearly stated something has gone awry. Not much i can do about the 10, 000 or so Fringe brochures out in circulation but i can get the online listing to be altered. Ah well, it wouldn't be the fringe without some carry on.

So with the show over i had to go and look pretty and jump about up on Edinburgh's answer to the Acropolis, Calton Hill. The PR company i'm working with had managed to entice a good number of photographers to come and take a few snaps for the local (and national) fringe press. It was raining a bit too much to bring out any of the kit, so it was just myself and my branding paraphernalia. After throwing myself about and jumping off some rather high and awkward concrete fixtures we got the shots we needed. I realise the photographers don't really care if you hurt yourself or not. They will ask ridiculous requests knowing full well that most folk will say GTF! ...but some won't.

With that done i did a bit of sneaky shopping and snapped up a few bargains before heading back to the gaff and getting my tickets for a Chilly Gonzales concert. I don't go to gigs that fact hardly ever. But, when Chilly comes to town i make an exception. if you don't know this guy then get to know - recommended and you know i don't play! I managed to get the heads up for the launch of Northern Stage at St Stephens venue. That venue has been stuff of legend on the fringe with some great work being there in the past. It's been in a sort of limbo for the last couple of years so i'm keen to see what these guys will bring to the fest. They have already brought free cakes and champagne so that's a good start...

So pleased at being a recipient of two of my favorite things that i did a celebratory dance when (i thought) nobody was watching....

I gotta start doing these blog posts earlier. night. x

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