Saturday, 4 August 2012

Up and running

2 down and 21 to go. This time without any technical drama. The show before us got out pretty snappy so we had adequate time to set up and fiddle about with a few things. This is quite the luxury in the Fringe scenario. Numbers are pretty low unfortunately. This is to be expected early on in the run and without any reviews done yet. Although i am hearing across the board that things are generally quieter than this time last year...#olympicfever perhaps? I do have a good team on the case and PR peeps in place doing their thing. But, since it's the fringe one has to go that little bit further to stand i'm working on something a bit hush hush which hopefully will do the trick. Well at the very least it will probably please me...and you might as well be happy when you're working. So we need those reviews to come in. I've asked not to be told if any press or promoters turn up, so i can keep my head in the game and just do a good show. That doesn't mean i don't get involved in the job of getting them to actually turn up. So once the show was done i hot-footed it over to Fringe central and joined the heaving ques for the Meet the Media day. This was an event where you (and pretty much the rest of the Fringe performers) meet various journalists from various papers, magazines and press listings and convince them to come and check out what you're doing. This is all in the hope they will write a glowing report. After which, you can add numerous photocopied stars to the laminated posters of your show that are currently scantily clad and perched on wall (or rail) outside your venue. It helps to have badges to give away. Good job i had some. Forget trying to show anyone your superbly crafted 2 min video promo...there just isn't the time. The whole scene rather reminded me of the old meat markets and the days i used to get involved in the castrating of cattle back on the farm...although this time just your career is on the line...not your balls! x

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