Saturday, 22 June 2013

The Revenge of the Ants

Well i didn't manage to get a post up after the first show so here it is after the 2nd show. Day 1 was hectic. I ran the show 4 times in the end. Looooong day...but totally worth it at the end to get our first proper (no best mates included) standing ovation. Everybody worked super hard and the team that Cultura Inglesa supplied was great. There are always a few kinks to iron out. Even more so when you try to mount your show in a different country. But everyone wants to get the show up and looking it's best and that was the vibe all day. Still the control freak in me won't totally let go so i have to remove myself from time to time to get out of people's hair. To ease the stresses of the day Cultura Inglesa put on a nice spread for the dressing room rider...

All bases covered...fruit, sugar and coffee.
Where the magic happens at Teatro Cultura Inglesa-Pinheiros.

We started to day with a 3 hr workshop for some local SP dance enthusiasts. A mixed group but all very much up for it. At first 3hrs seemed pretty long but in the end turned out to be too short. Such is life. I was able to get 40 winks before show 2. The show began very well...until it got to the point where i turned on the flatscreen tv. I was greeted by the words "sem sinal" as in no signal = fml! This is the problem with technology in shows. When it works well it's incredible...when it doesn't you're completely f£$%ed! I did a litte bit of fiddling about and somehow the picture finally came on....but the show had been knock off balance a little from that point. Following this i managed to tie myself up in the TV cable during the ensuing pas de deux. Then there were some sync issues with my TV dialogue. Ah well you can't win them all. But i put this wayward show down to karma. Yesterday some ants got the notion to attack my rider..and i put a stop to that pretty quickly. It was borderline ant genocide. So i name tonight's show the Revenge of the Ants. I'll be watching my step from now on and keeping the wrapper on my food. All that being said SP repped with another standing ovation. Muito obrigado!

Manuela and Gabriel doing a little last minute set design. I miss the old chair!

Our "angel" Vitor and his squeeze
So we have a day off tomorrow and will be checking out one of the free concerts as part of the festival. BUt not before doing some serious number crunching with Ed the producer....trabalho, trabalho, trabalho!

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