Thursday, 20 June 2013

Unsettling Dust

*note to readers...was without internet for a day so this is sort of a day old.

So last night got pretty hectic in SP. I wanted to see the aftermath of the carnage I’d seen on TV. Dave (production manager) and Ed (big dog) both arrived good and well in the early hours of the morning. There was a plan to head to the theatre and start finalising things with the set. But this got cancelled last minute. So we (or rather I) persuaded or go to guy Vitor to take is to the protest hot spots. And to be honest I really needed to get out and about, have a walk and see some of the city. I had put the feelers out for a some breakin’ sessions but as yet no luck on that front. Although we have bene internet-less at the hotel for almost a whole day (imagine the drama) so there could be some replies waiting for me when I get back online. Anyway, we hopped onto the tube into the centre. We couldn’t help but notice a rather dashing fellow on some poster advertising an obscure dance show called Watch iT!

I always said i was underground!
Arriving in the centre, things seem pretty normal tbh. I guess people have to work afterall. Theres no tension or any such vibe…infact Brazil is playing in the confederation cup against Mexico and winning, so folk are pretty upbeat. I grab a few snaps from where it was all kicking off last night.

Scene of last nights fracas with the locals
Some glazier is going to do very well out of this.
Well all this walking makes a man hungry. We stopped off in SP’s largest indoor market and got stuck in to some local dishes:

Would you like some bread with that sandwich Ed? 
I had been gently nudging the team here to hook me up with a spot to shake my tail feather for a while…gotta stay sharp afterall. I managed to barge my way into a classroom in the Cultura Inglesa building, which is also where the theatre is. I got my sweat on a wigged out to several killer beats including this one…too much!

I wiped the sweat from my brow and made my way down to the theatre to watch what was basically a scratch night for local dancers and dance groups to show their work in 10 mins then receive feedback from the audience. It was quite a full on onslaught of Brazilian avante garde dance made worse by not understanding a word of the following conversations, which actually sounded quite interesting. The final piece as the most interesting imo: A guy throwing lots of buckets up in the air…some containing water and some containing other surprises. It then went into darkness and was occasionally perforated by a strobe light. An interesting and original performance…but was it really dance? I think that’s what everyone was discussing afterwards.

We finally get into the theatre tomorrow and get to work properly on Watch iT! 7am start so it’s bom noite from me.

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