Monday, 3 September 2012

Competent condiment

I have very recently realised that i possess hardly any condiments in my household. No ketchup, HP sauce, Worcestershire, mustard, french dressing...nada...except for a bit of balsamic and sweet chilli. I have recently been maturing the furniture aspect of my gaff. A trip down to john lewis for some pots and pans turned into procuring and reduced from £XXX sofa bed. A quite cool sofa bed. I just want to point out that the current economic climate has claimed a furniture store victim who's name i was very fond of - "Sofa So Good". Great. Every time i walked past that place, i would take my hat off and salute it. But what i mean to say is that i've uped my furniture game and i should be doing the same in the the very least from a hosting point of view. I don't miss tomatoe ketchup. I only have it with chips and i only ever eat chips when im out. So it doesn't occur to me that someone might want some ketchup with their scrambled eggs in the morning. This is something i have to rectify.

But aside from complimentary epiphanies i have been doing what i do best and pulling funny faces while dancing about a bit. I have been doing exactly that at the Edinburgh MELA with the old codgers Random Aspekts (yes...still in the game people). Back in 2006, 4 hapless bboys got asked to make a show for kids to be presented in the Fringe at Scotland's national dance centre, Dance Base (which i can never figure out is one word or two). The result was Rock a Bye B-Boy, a dreamy tale of footwork, freezes and top-rock. Since then we have been presenting this show in various incarnations around the UK. I think the last time we did it was well over a year ago, but it's still fresh as a daisy and feels as good to perform as it did 6 years ago. The show is aimed at kids and there were plenty in the crowd who where happy to get into the "He's behind you" spirit. I had this ace bandana i picked up in Tokyo that i used in a section of the show, but it has somehow been lost. The only casualty of this 6 year run.

Fly boy Matt Foster with Tony Thrills in the background surprisingly

One of the best things about performing in the MELA is you work up an appetite and then can tuck into the abundance of great curry on offer. I think i'll be sweating dahl for a few days yet. I'll leave you with this track by Fink...perfect to digest your food to.

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